About me

I’m a Registered Social Worker with the Health Care Professions Council and have several years experience of working with vulnerable adults as a ‘frontline’ worker in a very busy hospital setting and many more as a senior manager across all adult social care services within NHS and Local Authority organisations, in particular all Integrated Learning Disability Services.  I am also experienced in bespoke project work.

I remain passionate about my values, both professional and personal.    I get the biggest buzz out of helping others to help themselves, which is why you will find information or links on this website that is intended to do just that – whether that is to do with professional growth and education or personal growth, such as maintaining a healthy lifestyle and work/life balance.  I also include information about some of the voluntary work and other interests that I support.



Mentoring can be a positive experience for both parties.  I am comfortable with stating this because I enjoy supporting people to reach their own potential ( a positive for me) and through my own experience I know that achieving something once thought of as out of reach is a wonderful feeling (another positive, this time for you).  If you would like to explore the possibilities that these positives can bring then please get in touch via my contact page

Mentoring the next generation is also something I am interested in, as many young people have the vision but not the skills or opportunity.  Consider mentoring the next generation.

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